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BJ Poetry 1


“Creativity” by AdJAYcent (Bro. Jesse)

Out of the triple darkness of space I carved out myspace,

Not the internet but rhymes that make intimate,

Intercourse with the Source that breeds my scripts thatz Magnificent.

Magnifyin your capacity of this creative kingly kaleb capacitor,

With circuitry of the MotherBoard of which I am the ambassador.

I cracked open your atoms, Outspoken in my autonomy,

I rewrote Da Vinci’s Code cuz his mathematics was borin me.

Man of the Sun going about planting seeds,

Separatin the tare and the weeds,

They take root in Red Truth and scattered shade from growing jamil poeTREEs.

I expand my Butterfly-like wings,

That graze the face of Saturn’s rings

The Diam-wiser I get..telepathic communication becomes my ringtone theme.

Khalil serenates Platoon to keep it still in its orbit,

The moon was soul-Full that it spit out hemispheric lyrics that cover three-fourth,

PN dictates the score,

Not a movie reel but real thots unstopped,

by poetic death angels hovering over the Lambs flock,

Download our creative powers and your essence is unlocked,

Love is the force by which this Poetic Nation will not stop.


More to come…..