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Many people today are not acquainted with “Brother Jesse The Artist”. I started drawing as a little child, so you can say I was born with the gift. I never knew whether I got the gift from my mother or my father until when I got in high school my mother shared with me how she used to draw as a young girl. She wanted to do fashion designing. So I got that answer. I won my first ever art competition in the first grade and won several until I graduated from high school.  I would earn lunch money by drawing portraits of people, coming up with crafty cards for my friends, painting murals for events or selling sketches. My gift was developed by my high school art professor whom we affectionately referred to as Ms. R. She taught me so many techniques and exposed me to the works of many of my idols such as the late John Biggers.


When I went to Prairie View A&M University I launched Creative Minds: Art Unlimited to provide art services on campus. I held my first ever art exhibit in the school library and became an instant hit. Students purchased my pieces for their dorm rooms and professors acquired my paintings for their homes. Every semester until my senior year I hosted a minimum of two exhibits due to assistance of the great art professor Ms. Johnson aka “Sole Sistah”, who was skilled in painting with her feet…yes her feet!


Till this day I still have persons from PV that tell me how they have my pieces hanging in their homes or offices. While in college I self-taught myself graphic designing and over the years I have drawn with the pencil and paint brush less and less. So this page is, in truth, motivation for me to get back to it. (smile)

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